“Shree” means wealth and “Yantra” means an instrument. The mother of all Yantra, Shree yantra is about 12,000 years old ancient technology. Shree Yantra is a mystical instrument that is considered to be extremely auspicious. It is said to be beneficial for anybody and everybody! It tends to apply the inner universe to draw powers to fulfill wishes and desires.
A person who uses Shree Yantra attains much greater values and positivity in life. It ushers peace and tranquility inside our soul. It helps to exercise greater affluence in life.
When things seem to fall apart in life, when our minds are conquered by negativity, melancholy, stress and lack of calmness, Shree yantra can be the ultimate instrument to our salvation.
The instrument comes in 2D and 3D forms. The 2D form comprises of nine twisted isosceles triangles. 3D form is a Crystal or metal design representing the power triangles.


Shree Yantra is Mahalakshmi’s yantra. She’s the goddess of wealth and health. Hence, it has immense spiritual significance. Also, it is said to be deeply connected with the Vaastu Shastra. It’s the powerhouse of enigmatic energy. It is believed that, Shree Yantra has the capability of sabotaging the evil energies and letting only the positive ones prevail.


The three circles in Shree yantra represent the three states of Cosmos- Creation, establishment and destruction. Panchadatu Meru Shri yantra is the highest rank of Shree yantras. Shree yantra is a sacred space and all god/goddess are said to be worshipped in it.


The instrument lets you score more on concentration card. It activates the pineal gland (that is said to be our third eye). It helps us connect with the cosmic world within us while meditating. Focusing on all the shapes and designs with our eyes, staring at the centre of the yantra without getting deviated is the key to attaining mental tranquility via Shree Yantra.


  • Drench the instrument overnight in saline water exclusively on thursday night. It is said to drain all the evil vibes by doing so. Yantra Stthapana is to be conducted on only Fridays.
  • Something so holy needs to be taken good care of. Wash it only with milk mixed with saffron and then with water. Place the yantra only on a yellow piece of cloth. Just like you’d offer jaggery and flowers to your God/Goddess, offer the sacred geometry some incense sticks and fragrant flowers along with some jaggery.
  • Consistent prayers on Fridays and meditation can provide gigantic help to students if they want to achieve their goals.
  • Unlike Hindus, people of other religion are do not perform Pujas. They put it near the place of worship and use it during meditation.

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