9 Mukhi Rudraksha

  • Nine Mukhi Rudraksha makes the wearer fearless.
  • The wearer is blessed with the energy, power, dynamism, and fearlessness which makes the person self-confident.
  • It helps to achieve Success, Name and Fame.
  • The wearer gets blessings which are received by fasting for nine days of Navratras.
  • It also protects a person from the malefic effects of all the nine planets.

We deal directly with farmers in Nepal to get you genuine and original Nine Mukhi Rudraksha.

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9 Mukhi Rudraksha is one of the extremely powerful beads of Rudraksha. 9 Mukhi Rudraksha carries the power of Goddess Durga and the nine Mukhi represents the nine incarnations she took on Earth. The rudraksha has the blessings of Goddess Durga, no negative forces can stand in the way of the wearer.

Ruling Planet: Ketu

Mantra: ‘Om Hreem Hoom Namaha’

Day to wear: Monday

Note -Images are representative, the Actual Photo of the bead will be shared on the basis of availability on Whatsapp.


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