Gone are the days when saints were the only ones who would need the sacred beads of Rudraksha. With the drastically changing dynamics of life and a more demanding lifestyle, all of us are seeking mental peace and tranquility. A life without apprehensions and negativity. Today, a large fraction of the population is leaning on these holy beads for spiritual support wishing to live their life to the fullest.

Very few are acknowledged with the gen of rudraksha so, let’s dig a bit. The nomenclature “Rudraksha” has a connotation. On bifurcating this Sanskrit word we obtain “Rudra”, which means Lord Shiva and “Aksha” which means teardrops. The word as a whole stands for Lord Shiva’s teardrops.

It is a general belief that, after waking from a spiritually enriching and rewarding meditation, Shiva sheds the tears of joy and gratification. These tears on touching the earth turned into seeds that flourished into the Rudraksha trees. That’s how these mystical beads are said to have originated.

Hindu rosary prayer beads a.k.a. Rudraksha beads are seeds derived from the tree Elaeocarpus ganitrus. Talking about its composition, it comprises of 50% carbon, 18% hydrogen, 1% nitrogen, and 31% oxygen. These trees are a common sight in the topography of the countries of Nepal, India, and Indonesia.

A genuine rudraksha is a storehouse of enigmatic energy that can change one’s life for the better. Hence, these beads are quite prevalent amongst the Shiva-Bhaktas. But for someone who is naïve about purchasing rudraksha to derive its benefits to the fullest, identifying a bonafide Rudraksha is nothing less than a challenge in itself.

These dupes, in spite of indistinguishable looks, fail to serve the purpose. Due to the increased competition in the market, traders are able to easily fool the customers and take their advantage. They offer mere berry seeds claiming them to be “Rudraksha” and deceiving customers.

Following are some of the tests that you must put your Rudraksha through in order to verify its authenticity and not fall victim to the fraudulent traders selling faux Rudraksha.

Identifying a Real Rudraksha

1. The H2O test:

Dipping the Rudraksha for a span of 20 minutes in boiled water gives you the answer to your question. Often, a hoax rudraksha is made by joining several other Rudraksha. Hence, dispersing the hoax Rudrakasha in boiled water for some period leads to discoloration and eventual floating on the surface of the water.   It is important to note that a real rudraksha might be immature, it may also float on the surface. Thus, this test doesn’t guarantee great precision.

2. Markings:

A true-blue Rudraksha is never supposed to have markings inscribed on its surface. Carved Rudrakshas having Shivaling and serpents are extremely common these days. They are sold at an incredibly low price that lures people to buy them. Hence, it is advised to make Rudraksha purchases only from reputed certified sellers to avoid getting cheated.

3. The Trait test:

An ideal rudraksha is supposed to have the traits of-Inductance, Capacitance, and Conduction. This verification test involves tools and is conducted in laboratories.

4. The Cutting Test:

This test gives assured correct results. Under this test, firstly, the bead is to be cut. Notice whether the number of compartments and the number of lines happen to be equal. This equality between both the numbers indicates the purity of the Rudraksha. Alas, the main backdrop of this test is irreversibly damaged bead.

5. The Copper Coin Test:

Is your Rudraksha divine enough? Since we know that Rudraksha has a magnetic field. On placing the Rudraksha bead in the middle of two copper coins, the bead starts to rotate. Another thing worth noting is the pattern of rotation. Does the rudraksha rotate clockwise? Good for you, it’s worth keeping. The one that rotates anti-clockwise exudes negativity and must be kept at a bay.

6. The Milk Test:

Pour a glass of milk. Drop a rudraksha on the surface. Keep it right there for a day or two. The beauty of this test is that it passes the test of time and the pure rudraksha saves the milk from getting spoilt.

There could also be a possibility at times when some of the above tests may fail for genuine and may pass for fake ones with some tampering. So it is highly advisable to purchase the lab tested rudraksha only from authorized and trusted sellers.

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