The bead of Lord Ganesha, 8 faced-Rudraksha is said to remove all the hindrances in the path of success.
It showers blessings, good luck, serenity and prosperity on the wearer. It gives the wearer the strength to handle adversities and become more resilient. It perishes the fear and all kinds of negative emotions.
Ketu is the imaginary node associated with 8 mukhi Rudraksha. The 8 faced marvel neutralises the negative impact of maleficent energies. It removes both, physical and mental complications.
8 Mukhi Rudraksha is a blessing in disguise that acts as a guardian angel and protects the wearer from all possible difficult issues.


1. Bodily ailments such as nervous system complications, muscle pain, various gland disorders etc., can be prevented with the help of eight faced Rudraksha.
2. A sound mind that’s calm and composed an achieved via eight faced Rudraksha. It helps in attaining mental stability and peace of mind.
3. Contains the energy of Lord Ganesh, the obedient son of Parvati and Lord Shiva.
4. It washes away fright and perturbation of all kinds.
5. It can fix hearing, visionary and skin issues.


Saturday and Monday are the most auspicious days of the week to wear this eight faced holy bead.
The best way to keep the Rudraksha is to place it on an embellish a plate with sandalwood paste (Chandan) and flower.
In order to energise the bead, ‘Om Hum Namah’ is to be chanted 108 times during Brahma Muhurat.
The bead can be either worn post proper rituals with silver/golden capping or it can be used while offering prayers.
Never ever wear this pious piece while indulging into impure or dishonest act. Keep non-vegetarian food and alcohol at bay when you’re wearing it.


1. Verifying with water: Eight Faced Rudraksha is sometimes made by joining beads falsely. In case you’re skeptical about its authenticity then keep the Rudraksha immersed for about 30 minutes. If the Rudraksha isn’t a real one, the joints will start to discolour.

2. Look out for the markings: FYI, an authentic Rudraksha will never have carvings on it. These counterfeit are abundantly available in the market and are being sold at much cheaper rates, fooling the public. Hence, get your Rudraksha from genuine sellers.

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