“Om Namah Shivaya” Mantra is among the most dominant and the super powerful mantras on the earth. Called as the Panchakshari mantra, the word Namashivaya (Na + Ma + Shi + Va + Ya) is to Supreme Lord Shiva attached with ‘Om’, the primordial sound. The mantra means “I bow down to Shiva”. This mantra is widespread, simple to recite and comes with no confinements at all. Along these lines, this is the most mainstream mantra to rely upon and take help.

Panchakshari mantra connects to Five Mahabhutas in every human body and the mantra empowers the source of the body, mind and spirit. Here we list down the surprising 10 benefits of chanting this powerful mantra daily.

1. Win the blessings of supreme Lord Shiva.

2. Removes the fear of death

3. Powerful healing mantra to cure all physical and mental illness

4. Daily chanting brings mental peace

5. Energizes Five Mahabhutas in body and awakens our subconscious mind

6. Best stress buster to bring you calmness

7. Brings down the temper and aggression

8. Boosts focus and determination to achieve goal

9. Om Namah Shivay is the beej mantra for most of the Rudrakshas that can bring you desired results and good luck if worn correctly. Want to know which one you should wear? Get a free consultation by using the whatsapp button below.

10. Reciting this mantra gives a definitive advantages following from reciting any mantra on the earth.